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Car Diagnostics

The principals of an engine haven’t changed much since the Model T Ford to the modern day Mondeo; the combustion of air and fuel to create rotational force and move a car.

All modern vehicles now require an electronic ‘brain’ (ecu) to control and operate systems efficiently. It is not just the engine, but the transmission, brakes, suspension, interior comfort systems and many more. Within these systems there are sensors to monitor temperature, air flow, electrical currents, light, dark, rain, sun etc etc – It may seem there are more than ‘you could shake a stick at’!

We, at D.H. Price Motors, have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment from TEXA, who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diagnostic technology for the automotive industry.

Why do we need it?

No self respecting garage workshop would be without diagnostic equipment and we have the latest TEXA equipment so the technician can quickly assess a fault and work on correction.

How do they work?

All these sensors send signals which the ecu monitors and when problems arise, the computer is able to ‘tell’ the technician which system, sensor, component is at fault. This is only the first part of the process.

By using various programs within the tool, he can read live data, activate systems and components and finally resolve the issue.

Are they perfect?

They can provide a great deal of detailed information to the technician however our technicians are highly experienced. The technician now uses his experience and skill, together with the diagnostic tool, to process all the information and form a conclusion as to the problem. Now he needs to able to find its cause!!